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Travel companies and search engines

If you want to search the market for the best deals then use the links below to the leading travel companies and search engines.

A very useful site because of the search facilities. You can specify a date range and a maximum price (taxes and charges included) and you will be shown only flights meeting your requirements. It is a great way to find those ever more elusive cheap flights.


Search 24 low cost carriers and 7 on-line travel agents for the best flight deals

Travel jungle

As well as finding just the flights you want you can also find the cheapest dates to fly


Searches just about all the carriers for the best deals. You can search 3 days either side of your chosen dates and you can see details of seat legroom and meal availability for flights. Displays prices of return flights including all taxes so you know the cost immediately


Ireland's Internet travel company


A good display of all inclusive flight prices enables you to identify the lowest cost options quickly and easily. Only prices from UK airports are available.

Low Fare Flights

More than just low cost flights

co-operative travel

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